About us

Kalptaru is an all serving tree as mentioned in our Scriptures. It seems almost utopic, that a tree can give all that a man needs for living lavishly and comfortably. We have to open our eyes and look at it from the broader perspective. People say, think out of the box. This brings forward an idea, that Kalptaru may be pointing towards a self sustaining, eco-friendly, developed economy, living in harmony ( vasudhev kutumbakam) with every sentient being (sarve bhavantu sukhinah), immersed in the knowledge.

Kaamdhenu (Mythical all giving cow) is similar in concept to Kalpataru.

The beauty of these two all giving elements is that they are the icons taken from our surrounding depicting all the five elements that create life. Water, air, fire, earth and ether. This conveys the respect we had for every sentient being, living and those which are dormant and are called non-living.

Vedic tree represents the values presented by Kalpataru and Kaamdhenu. It is a self-sustaining small, green, eco-centric economy, honoring the very foundation from which we have emerged as one of the greatest civilization, imparting the same values to the upcoming and new generation.

To sum up Vedic tree is going to an epic journey for anyone who visits it, as it strives to become the Living example of Valued living, contentment, simplicity, peace, wisdom, happiness and Vedic Heritage.

.Residential school

.Modern education with Vedic traditions

.Hostels for Boys and Girls

.Skill Development Center

.Kitchen and Play Ground