India’s heritage is vast and not without scientific basis. Considering Cow as sacred animal is one of them. Since Vedic times, cow was revered, prayed and was domesticated for it had various uses. It was a common practice to have one cow in every household. We must remember that even though it was acceptable for people to eat non-veg as a source of protein, it was a luxury.

Milk and milk products were the best source of nutrition which were provided by cow.

Cow also provided byproducts like dung and urine, which were natural by-products to enrich the soil nutrient. Not just that cows fodder is grass and other plants which we consider as weeds. Their grazing cleared the fields without disturbing the ecological balance. The bull herd raised from cows were used for agriculture, tilling and sowing. And when the cows died it gave leather and bones for many other uses.

Thus cow fulfilled most of the circle of self-sustaining economy. How many cows one owned, once symbolized the wealth status of a person.

Our Gaushala is also the heart of our project. It fulfills these three foundations of cow economy: Gau Sanrakshan, Gau- sansadhan and Gau-utpad. We have incorporated modern methods into our model which gives us an upper edge over our goal of reliability.

Some of the goals Gaushala is fulfilling for us are:

Premium A2 milk and milk products

Clearing of fields by grazing

Bio-gas for energy and electricity

Bio byproduct for soil irrigation

Our aim is to ethically and morally raise the bulls and cows raised from our herd, use their services in many areas of our operations and save them from butchers.

It is a huge task.

First round of our gaushala is also made to house cows in clean, protective environment, give them warmth and love not just by environment but by the whole Vedic tree family.

It would be our pleasure to host you at our premises to experience the ancient way of life with seamlessly integrated with technology.