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Vedic tree – is a hypothesis that in an institution where the ideologically eager person can calm their mental hunger, if you are worried that how the Indian farmer should be encouraged for organic farming, or that How to make education system so that students can be motivated with practical experience along with knowledge.

Take a look at the amazing contributions & ask yourself the question?

In near future we are looking to operationalize our vision and to show a sustainable and achieve able path of creating an Cow based economy model of development for rural India. In this path of operationalizing this vision we have achieved following in last few years.

  • ❀ Infrastructure to house 200 indigenous cows, till now organization has purchased 20 cows and plans to have rest of the cows by the end of 2019
  • ❀ Producing grains, vegetables etc using organic farming.
  • ❀ Production of 200-liter A2 premium organic milk daily
  • ❀ Biogas production system-producing gas for fuel and electricity generation from cow dung
  • ❀ Bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticides from cow urine and cow dung
  • ❀ Provide the school where the students can learn ancient Indian culture with modern education.

Vedic Tree looks forward to achieve a dream, where we can have a Cow based solution to have a self-sustainable village economy and truly materialize Gau Sarve Sukhpradei.e. Cows provides all pleasures to human beings for their health and wealth.

Dear Friends,

VedicTree Foundation is a NGO with primarily four objectives of which topmost priority is protection and preservation of indigenous cows, promote cow based agriculture practices  generally known as organic farming, setup Vedic principles based educational institutes and nature based health and wellness centers.


VedicTree is a mission to explore roots of Vedic Culture through life as we see around us. Current social fabric is very loosely connected and needs immediate attention to strengthen through our activities focused on the wellbeing of everyone that includes not only the human beings but every single component of nature around us. The concept of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah is foundation of Vedic Culture and we at VedicTree try to promote the same thought through various activities and projects completed so far and planned for future.

We are developing necessary foundation for rural economic development and create opportunities to generate wealth through natural and renewable resources. Your involvement as volunteer and/or supporter is highly appreciated.

Please contact us to explore possibilities to work together.


Abhinav Goswami

  • Integrity(Honesty, Transparency)
  • Collaboration( youths, Farmers and activitist who eagerly work with us)
  • Provide free education system
  • To attract the youths toward regenerative farming
  • Indigenous Cows Preservation System



Establishment of KalpTaru Vidhalaya


BioGas Generator installed


Establishment of Milk Processing Plant


Organic farming certificate

Our Advisors

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Dr. ASHOK KUMAR a Biomedical scientist, an innovator and a techno-entrepreneur having more than 38 years of research experience in academics and industry in India, Canada and USA. He has been internationally trained as Biochemist, Immunologist and Molecular Biologist….

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Abhinav Goswami

ABHINAV GOSWAMI is an internationally experienced Data Scientist with over 20 years of experience as statistical data analysis expert for various industries such as pharmaceutical, finance and investment, banking and technology. He started his career as biostatistician at Ranbaxy Research Labs and….

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