As a human we need two things to grow a healthy diet and quality thought provoking education but what we are getting is a hyper commercialized world of mass produced chemically altered GMO based food and cookie cutter schooling system which doesn’t emphasize on learning. VedicTree, feels Cow based solution can be a central pillar to solve the above as said Gau Sarve Sukhprade i.e. Cows provides all pleasures to human beings for their health and wealth. Since 2014 we at VedicTree have been working on three major causes:

  • Conservation and preservation of Indian indigenous cow, Gaushala
  • Vedic value-based education system, Kalpataru Vidyalaya
  • A mass produced chemical free sustainable farming culture, Organic Farming

Along with promoting these causes, VedicTree truly imbibe the thought process that an individual’s success is of no importance if society doesn’t reap those benefits.

What We Do

Kalpataru Vidyalaya

Kalpataru Vidyalaya, a school which believes and implements the way of ancient Indian schooling system and the values along with the modern education.


Gaushala, which make sure that indigenous cows which are facing extinction due to mass production culture are preserved and utilized to full extent for greater good of the society.

Organic Farming

Organic Farming, a collaborative effort with local farmers where experts of the Vedic Tree make sure the dependency on chemicals and pesticides for farming is brought to zero.

Renewable Energy

Generally the energy produced from sources that do not deplete or can be replenished within a human’s life time is classified as Renewable Energy and the most common examples of renewable energy are wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower.

Skill Develeopment

Our country is facing a huge gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower and requires immediate attention to fill this gap. At VedicTree we focus on developing the infrastructure and framework for vocational and technical training, up-gradation of existing skills and development of new skills

Our Products

VedicTree Org work for the betterment of environment and society by it’s services and products as well. some of the products of VedicTree are .. Vedic Study Books; Cow Products : Ghee, A2 Milk, Gaumutra Medicine, others.


In near future we are looking to operationalize our vision and to show a sustainable and achieve able path of creating an Cow based economy model of development for rural India. In this path of operationalizing this vision we have achieved following in last few years.

  • Infrastructure to house 200 indigenous cows, till now organization has purchased 20 cows and plans to have rest of the cows by the end of 2019
  • Producing grains, vegetables etc using organic farming.
  • Production of 200-liter A2 premium organic milk daily
  • Biogas production system-producing gas for fuel and electricity generation from cow dung
  • Bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticides from cow urine and cow dung
  • Provide the school where the students can learn ancient Indian culture with modern education.


Vedic Tree looks forward to achieve a dream, where we can have a Cow based solution to have a self-sustainable village economy and truly materialize Gau Sarve Sukhprade i.e. Cows provides all pleasures to human beings for their health and wealth.

Our Contribution to Mother Nature


Number of Cows


Renewable Electricity


Biogas / Solar Plants


Milk Processing Capacity